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Here, we shine a light on the pressing issues that drive our mission and inspire our actions. From agriculture to health care, each cause we champion reflects our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Join us as we work to create a brighter future for all Sierra Leoneans

farmers planting

agricultural investments

Agriculture lies at the heart of our mission, as we believe in nurturing both the land and those who depend on it for sustenance. Through our just-started agricultural investment program in Bandajuma community of Sierra Leone, we strive to cultivate a future where the people thrive in food production, ensuring food security and prosperity for generations to come through international exports.
We invite you to be a part of this either by donating seed crops, farming equipment/machines or expert consultation.

hospital donations

hospital donations

Hospital donations are vital to ensuring access to quality healthcare for those in need of it. By supporting our cause, you are not just giving funds or supplies, you’re giving hope, comfort, and healing to people hundreds of miles away in need. Together, let’s build healthier communities and brighter futures, one donation at a time. Join us in making a difference where it matters most- in the hearts and lives of patients and their families.


educational materials

Educational donations are the cornerstone of empowerment and opportunity. By investing in education, we invest in the future leaders, innovators and changemakers of tomorrow. Every contribution opens doors to knowledge, unlocks potential, and transforms lives. Join us in bridging the lacunae to education, ensuring that every child in Sierra Leone has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive. Together, we can help make tomorrow’s doctor, engineer, artist, etc.


Water is a basic element which many Sierra Leoneans haplessly do not have access to. Half of the people still draw water from wells, streams and rivers all of which are polluted.
Our NGO is dedicated to changing that by providing sustainable water solutions to those in dire need of it. That is why one of WAAIC’s first projects is the building of a solar-powered borehole water system for the people of Bandajuma community in Eastern Sierra Leone.
Lend your hand in our mission to ensure that many if not all, has access to safe and reliable water sources. Together we can make that change.

If you wish to make a general donation or inquiry, you can send us an email or contact us using any of the available channels- Click Here